Editor user interface

After you've logged in, you will see the user interface on the left. The basic functions have been numbered (1-7) to the picture below. The basic functions of the site vary by the subscription.

  1. Start
    Summary of the admin view.
  2. Site
    Manage the page structure and edit the contents.
  3. Campaigns
    You can send stylish email newsletters to chosen recipients from here.
  4. Customers
    You can manage customer information and create different customer groups for campaign and extranet purposes through customer register.
  5. Assets 
    You can browse files on the server and download new files to your sites (e.g. pictures or pdf-files) from your own computer in the Assets view.
  6. Settings
    Manage your site's settings. For example, you can change your password from here.
  7. Quit
    Log out.

Getting started