Publishing the site

The site is published by logging into your account management and editing the site's settings.

Please note that the site's publication can only be done by the administrator marked as the site's owner.

If you want to publish the site with your domain name, it is most often done by redirecting the selected domain name to the published site. This is done by the domain administrator, and you will receive instructions for publishing when you publish the site.

When you want to publish the site, do the following:

  1. Log in to account management at
  2. Select the page to be published and go to the settings
  3. Select the 'Publish here' button on the right side
  4. Choose a domain name for the site to be published. You can either use the address of the demo site, use an already existing domain name, or reserve a new domain name.
  5. Make sure that the order option is suitable and the billing information is correct.
  6. Press the 'Publish' button.
  7. If you selected a publication with a domain name, you will receive instructions on the screen and in an email, which you can send to the domain name administrator.

Please note that redirecting the domain name to the site may take a few hours.

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