Campaign monitoring

The tracking tool enables accurate tracking of email campaigns with individual precision. You can intuitively and individually see who has opened your email and which links in the message have been clicked. This way, you can develop and review the effectiveness of your broadcast.

The system considers only messages opened via the email program as opened. If the recipient reads the message without opening it, it is not registered as opened. However, all link clicks in the message are registered in the report. The report can also be saved from the program in Excel format.

Newsletter unsubscriber

If the customer has clicked on the Cancel newsletter link in the newsletter they received, the information will be displayed for each recipient in the newsletter report on the Links tab.
When you want to check the subscribers to be deleted, press the Who clicked link.

Newsletter cancelers are not automatically removed from the customer register because the register can also be used for other purposes. However, it is noted in the customer information that the customer has cancelled the order, in which case the following newsletters will not be sent to the customer.

Email marketing