Page editor toolbar

At the top of the section intended for editing the site, there is a toolbar with tools to facilitate site maintenance. Some of the buttons can be activated, and some are always on.

Page address

This field displays the URL address of the current page.

Editing and viewing mode

Toggles between editing and viewing status. In viewing mode, you can view the site without administration tools.

Tool buttons

Here are three different tools:

  • The Show Lines tool helps you align your content with others. The lines appear when you point to a content area with the cursor.
  • The Show Margins tool shows the margins of the active content
  • The Edit fixed contents button switches whether the tools intended for editing page bases, such as the page's top, bottom and navigations, are displayed.

Views on different devices

You can modify the site for different terminal devices using ready-made terminal settings. These settings simulate different terminal device widths. When you select a terminal, the editing mode window will adjust according to the width of that device. Modifying the site's CSS styles with the style editor only changes the styles of the selected terminal.

Page properties and publish buttons

The buttons change the page's publishing settings and open the page's properties.

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